The Author

April 2008, prior to haircut

Hello there. How are you?

Things you may want to know:

  • I lived in Thailand for eight months when I was twenty-one, which resulted in a multitude of rich experiences, documented in a thick journal punctuated by memorabilia. Other countries that have stamped my passport include Laos, Cambodia (for a two-hour border run), Vietnam, the Philippines, Mexico and, now, the United Kingdom and Ireland.  I seek to add to this list at the nearest opportunity.
  • As a child, I lived for seven years in Japan: three years in Yokosuka, four in Okinawa. Because of this experience, I have a huge affinity for Japanese culture, design, language and anything psychotically twee. This may also have sparked an eternally restless nature.
  • I attended the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies and completed their Anthropology of Food Master’s Programme.  I even got a merit. My dissertation for my Master’s degree was on CAMRA, real ale and authenticity.  No, really.  It was called Brewing a Heritage: Ale and Authenticity with the Campaign for Real Ale. However, I won’t let anyone read it as it’s not very good.
  • In summer of 2008 I obtained a little position as Stardust’s weekend baker.  Due to wrist difficulties, I had to give up my modest post for months, but returned February 2009, only to leave again when I moved to London.  It was a wonderful job with wonderful people, and allowed for me to periodically refer to myself as a baker, despite a lack of formal training. I managed to return to work as the baker once more from December 2010 until August 2011, when I moved back to London. You can see some examples of my baked goods in posts on this blog from that time.
  • I also managed the website for Stardust Video & Coffee and did much of its web content from January 2011 until I left in August of that year.
  • I am always reading. If I don’t have a book to read, I feel very lost.
  • My photography blog, Abandoned in London, has nothing to do with food or drink. Neither does my other blog, London Dear. You should look at them both, anyway.
  • I have written intermittently for The Other Side Magazine, and have also written in a professional scope for Slow Food UK and Great British Chefs, and I may begin to write for other folks.
  • I am an only child, which may explain everything.

Other places you can find me online, although I can’t comment on how often I update all these:

Should you feel a profound urge to e-mail me, you can find me at tastyfever at the gmail dot com.

2 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Hey Doreen,

    Really enjoyed talking to you about all the culinary choices and multiple travel experiences. Hope you enjoyed the concert. I see crepes and some Thai style cooking in the future.

    BTW, check out the http address below. It talks about that burger joint in Illinois I recently visited:

    Talk soon,


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