A Tipple of Tea: Postcard Teas

Although it may not always seem like it from this blog, I do drink beverages that don’t contain alcohol. Really, I do. Although it may seem as if beer, whisky and bourbon may fill my veins, I am passionate about other drinks.

Particularly tea.

In fact, I’m very fond of a good cuppa, although my tea habits might be a bit peculiar to most of my British friends. For one, I don’t take tea with milk, as milk and I don’t really get along, so I drink tea black. Also, as I flourished as a tea drinker before I came to live in London, having frequented spots such as Infusion Tea and Dandelion, I’m quite fond of getting a range of loose leaf teas that come in a variety of flavours. Put in another way, I have a tendency to buy a lot and hoard a lot of tea.

Except rooibos. I don’t quite get rooibos, save for the cold rooibos tea I had at East Street. That was actually all right.

Anyway, being particular about tea, as I am with my beer and my whiskey and other drinkies, I’m quite a fan of Postcard Teas for numerous reasons. It’s the tea shop for the ultimate tea geek, and I’m not exaggerating by any means. Their teas tell a brilliant story of where they come from–not just the country, but the maker or the estate on which the tea is grown. My loose leaf Garam Assam Chai tea, for example, came from the Sewper Tea Estate in Kolkata. If you’re in the shop off New Bond Street in Central London, you can even sample some of the tea before you purchase it.

Plus, the designs used for the teas are just great.

london smoke tea from postcard teasSassy.

I’ve been in the shop once, and recently I’ve ordered a whole caboodle of teas on their website. Being the tea hoarder I am, I like having a nice little array of teas in the cupboard to enjoy for different times of the day and depending on what I feel like having. I like the Big Smoke blend shown above for an afternoon pick-me-up when I don’t feel like having coffee (or if I’ve already had a cup of coffee–I can only drink one cup a day). Its smoky taste is particularly enjoyable when coming in from the chilly outdoor weather, as it’s a rich-tasting bonfire of a tea.

array of tea from postcard teasFor evening teas, I often enjoy green teas, being a fan of both the lighter, floral greens as well as the savoury sorts. Postcard Teas has Yame Genmaicha, a tasty green tea blend with toasted brown rice, which is lovely both hot and cold. The Jasmine Che, which you can see in the photo above, is a nice afternoon or evening tea that’s wonderfully fragrant without being too overpowering.

Postcard Teas has a thoughtful collection, and I’m pleased to be quite well-stocked of their wares for the time being. In my order, they also kindly included the Oriental Beauty above, which, on tasting, seemed to be a white tea (Edit: it’s an exquisitely light oolong) that was absolutely wonderful. Although I did put a splash of vanilla soymilk in my cup of Garam Assam Chai, these teas are wonderful enough to be enjoyed without milk or sugar.

Do you have a favourite shop for tea? What are your favourite styles of tea? Anyone know of any other tea shops I should check out in London or elsewhere? There are a few other tea sellers I enjoy that I’ve been meaning to blog about, so stay tuned if you want to know more options for a good cuppa.

I leave you now with an excellent little tune.

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