Craft Beer London: For all your “Where can I get a good beer?” needs

So the Craft Beer London app for iPhone has been out for some months, and there hasn’t been a week that has gone by where I haven’t employed it in some task or another, whether it was to find a craft beer spot in the unknown territory of West London, to look up contact and location information for pubs, or just to investigate areas of the city and potential pubs to hit up on pub crawls or for friendly meet-ups.

In short, this app is damn useful. It is the app that I tell my friends with an iPhone, “Dude, seriously, check this out.” The app is put out by Blue Crow Media, who also put out London’s Best Coffee and New York’s Best Coffee and other handy apps. I use the London coffee one quite frequently as well, so much so it may warrant its own post in the future.

So far, I’ve used this app to find The Albany, a good pub in the area of Marylebone (or that bit between Marylebone and Euston that may not hold allegiance to either–Regent’s Park, maybe, as the pub website suggests?) that sells American favourites Brooklyn Lager and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, as well as Belgian delights like Tripel Karmeliet and local flavours like Camden Town Brewery‘s Hells Lager and Thornbridge Lord Marples.

I’ve also used the Craft Beer London app in August when I held the Hackney Olympic Pub Crawl: The Decathlon to help me decide whether to include Hoxton pub Howl at the Moon on the pub crawl (I did). I suspect I will be using the app further to plan additional pub crawls this year, including one for Islington and possibly another one for pubs in East London.

By the way, if you want to know more about any upcoming pub crawls I’m planning, the best thing to do is follow me on Twitter.

It has a fairly useful rating system as well, which is a good indicator of whether you’ll be rocking up to a nice pub with a few good picks, or an OMG! Craft beer orgy! on the scale that if you’re going with a friend who usually drinks Stella or Guinness, he or she will be SOL. (Do they say s.o.l. here in the UK? If not, it stands for “shit outta luck.”) Favourites such as The Jolly Butchers, The Cock Tavern and Duke’s Brew & Que feature well, along with pubs I’m less familiar with, but am looking forward to acquainting myself with soon.

The Craft Beer London app also shows listings for London breweries (which needs updating at a rapid rate nowadays) and off-licenses that sell craft beer.

So, for £1.99 on the iTunes App store (sorry, Android users), you get a handy navigational tool that will guide you to good beer. It’s $2.99 in the US App store, for anyone on a US account, like me–well worth it if you’re travelling to London and want to sample a bit of the delicious beer scene. For more screenshots, have a look at Craft Beer London‘s website. Let’s support places with good beer!

3 thoughts on “Craft Beer London: For all your “Where can I get a good beer?” needs

  1. The Crown, Blackfriars rd, is the newby on the block when it comes to craft beers and ales. the current owners have been in situ’ 2 years and got it coming along nicly. 3 real ales, always rotating ( Brewsters, Brentford & Highland breweries are on today). appprox 50 US beers in the fridge and 9 taps which also change quite frequently. The food is pretty good as well ( something that some craft pubs overlook!). In my opinion the crown is the best pub in the southwark area for offering a non-mainstrean generic beer! In fact, its the only pub in the Southwark tube station area that isnt a fosters/stella swillpit.

  2. I used to run a club night downstairs at the Albany. True story. For area of London, tricky. It’s the ‘wrong’ end of Great Portland Street, and a few roads too West to be Fitzrovia.

    Still not made it to Duke’s Brew & Que. Desperate to give it a try.

  3. this app is much more suited to lovers of good beer than it is to those simply looking for the nearest watering hole.If you’re big on craft brews, this is a wonderful app. Or if you want to sharpen your knowledge in the fine beers category, this app will bring you up to speed with all the buzz words in no time.

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