Pub #37: The North Pole, New North Road

The North Pole is a pub that is situated near Regents Canal, in that part of Hoxton that is still Islington, just a bit north of Shoreditch Park. To be honest, I’m not sure if that part of London is called Hoxton. Is it Hoxton? Is it not? Who knows?

A couple months back, I was invited to a special press night at The North Pole, and I was very pleased to see the range of beers, including favourites like Magic Rock Brewing Co.’s Rapture, Brooklyn Lager and Anchor Steam.

There was food as well, most of which my friend Paul ate because none of it was veggie-friendly.

Until the chickpea slider came! Huzzah!

Since the press night, I hadn’t had a chance to go back to The North Pole, as it isn’t near where I work, and not especially near where I live (although it is only a bus ride away). However, I did manage to make it back into the pub for a proper 100 Pubs Project visit.

Earlier this month, I paid an afternoon visit to The North Pole prior to going to 1-2-3-4 Shoreditch for a swift half prior to yielding to the dismal beer prospects of the music festival. The pub wasn’t busy–there were a few people enjoying the sun in the garden area, as well as a handful of people dining on a Saturday afternoon. There were a couple older guys as well having beer, one of whom I felt was giving me a bit of a skeptical look as I took photographs of things. The decor of The North Pole is an interesting mish-mosh–some of it’s quite cool, but some of the other stuff looks a bit “stock pub kitsch.” However, I could be a bit critical.

However, this poster from the James Cycle Company is definitely cool. I snapped this photo for all my friends named James. You know who your are; there are quite a few of you.

The staff were quite friendly, and the space is quite big, with lots of places to have a seat inside, as well as the picnic tables outside. There’s even a game room in a downstairs room of the pub, which threatens many a coin of anyone going here.

From the bar, I had a half of Siberia (£1.80, I think), a saison tarted up with rhubarb flavours which beer writer Melissa Cole brewed with Ilkley Brewery. I had it previously at The Old Red Cow in Smithfield, and it was quite enjoyable then as it was in The North Pole.

I would have loved to have stayed for more, but the call of indie band madness was sounding off in the distance in Shoreditch Park, plus I had to meet with friends–one of whom was one of the Jameses I spoke of earlier, and I incidentally ran into another James while I was there.

However, I am looking forward to attending one of their upcoming events for National Cask Ale Week. It starts this Friday, the 28th of September, and runs through the first week of October next week. Have a look at The North Pole’s page of what’s on to see what’s happening. In addition to a beer quiz with none other than Melissa Cole (which I am already booked into), they have meet the brewer sessions with Redemption (yay!) and Harbour. Also, between 6-7pm, The North Pole is having something called The Great Ale Sale, with pints as cheap as £2 for quality brews, plus a discount on bottled beers from Belgium and America.

I know, right? Madness. I might buy up all the Left Hand beers and thumb my nose at all y’all.

The pub is near Essex Road train station, and also fairly near Old Street station. It’s also quite close to a few bus routes, like the 76, the 21, 141, 271 and some other ones I can’t remember, because they aren’t buses I take. If you go to The North Pole, you’re also quite near The Wenlock Arms, a great Hackney boozer, and The Old Fountain, which is lovely.

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