Drunken Dumpling Master: Dim Sum Master Class with Ping Pong

A while back (okay, April) I was a guest of Ping Pong to attend a dim sum master class for food bloggers at their location on Bread Street.

At the time, I was working two jobs and had a few other bloggers events I had managed to write about, always intending to get back to writing about the dim sum evening because it was such a good night.

Today, I spent a not-so-lazy Sunday cleaning up my room–mostly because I was hunting for my P45 from Slow Food UK (which I eventually found under my bed, covered in dust). One of the many things I came across that I’d been looking for was my instructional packet from Ping Pong on how to make dim sum filling, how to make the pastry and how to wrap the filling in the pastry to make dumplings.

Delicious, delicious dumplings.

So, as part of my Sunday cleaning, I will finally be blogging about this event.

One Monday evening in mid-April, I made my way from work to Bank station and had a wander over to the Ping Pong in Bow Bells House. When I arrived, cocktails were already underway, which is always a good sign.

This is the lychee & rose cocktail, comprised of Tanqueray gin, rose petals, fresh lemon juice and lychee juice. The drink was very tasty, but, due to an ordering snafu I wound up with two drinks.

Really, it was an accident that I wound up with two drinks. And since I came pretty much after everyone else, I couldn’t pawn off my extra drink, the ginger & lime caipirinha, on anyone else. Not that I tried very hard. I mean, I did try.

Don’t judge me.

Anyway, after chatting with a few of the bloggers and other attendees, we moved on to the area where we would be instructed in how to become Dumpling Masters. This wasn’t the term they were using, but I think it’s the term that should be used, because there is quite a bit of mastery involved.

We were introduced to the dumpling ingredients, particularly the pastry used to encase the fillings. After a talk in what brand of flour to buy in the shops, we were set up with freshly-rolled discs of pastries and a little bowl of the tasty filling.

We were given close instruction from the chefs on how to fill and close up the dumplings. I wasn’t very attentive at first and just sort of squidged the dumplings shut as opposed to folding them up to resemble scallop shells. Eventually I got slightly better, but alas I didn’t win the £100 prize that was going for the one who made the best batch of dumplings.

The class was good fun, though, and I think if I were given a chance to practice more, I’d do well. Eventually. I hadn’t had a chance since to give dim sum dumpling making a go at home, as I’d lost the instructions until recently, but now that I’ve found them again, I’m keen to see how I can do with becoming a Dumpling Master.

After our course in Dumpling Mastery, we moved to another table and enjoyed some tasty picks from Ping Pong‘s seasonal menu. And we got more drinks.

Somehow, again, I wound up with two drinks. Yet again, it was purely an accident–the staff was just far too attentive! Again, I couldn’t pass on the extra drink to anyone, because everyone else had gotten a drink as well. So, I had to drink both of them.

Don’t judge me.

In addition to the excellent drinks, we were presented with some beautiful food, including what is possibly one of my most favourite soups I’ve ever had: the coconut mushroom soup.

 Seriously, this soup was fabulous. After two months, I still crave this soup. Now that the menu has changed since this event at Ping Pong, I’m definitely keen on popping into a Ping Pong with a friend to check out their new food (and cocktail) menu. If you liked this post, you might want to check out this post on Hot & Chilli for more on the event.

2 thoughts on “Drunken Dumpling Master: Dim Sum Master Class with Ping Pong

  1. There’s some great fragrant teas, which is perfect for this time of year with the cold weather in. Visited when I was near London Bridge too, so quite a convenient location. Was actually surprised by the prices they have too. Alright you don’t get mountains of food but I think it’s really well priced.

    Here’s the address:

    1 Bread Street
    EC4M 9BE

    020 7651 0880

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