Baking My Way Through British Treats

With a Jubilee on the way as well as London 2012, I thought I’d try and start up a project that might be a fun way to engage with my “host culture.”

Or it could be just an excuse to bake yummy things for the hell of it. I love making yummy things.

Later this month, I’ll begin to write up some posts based around my (hopefully successful) attempts to bake some classic recipes for British cakes, puddings and tarts. Some of these I’ve never even had before, so it might be interesting to see how my home baking skills rooted mostly in American sweets (snickerdoodles and whoopie pies, anyone?) interpret these British puds.

I’ll start by taking inspiration from a collection of recipes from Great British Chefs, which is full of fabulous food porn if you haven’t already encountered them already on the internet. Case in point:

This Bakewell tart is going to be on the list, along with (in no particular order):

There will be more added to this list eventually, but I think this is a good start for now. What other British sweets should I have a look at making? I’m open to suggestions, especially any suggestions from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which are areas I’m not as familiar with, but would welcome an education.

Thanks! Hopefully I’ll start making my first British pud by the end of this month.

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