Pub #36: The Snooty Fox, Canonbury

Hah! You thought I wasn’t going to get back to this project, did you? Well, I thought it would take me a while… which it has. But lo! I’ve returned to the 100 Pubs Project with a great pub that’s near where I live now.

I’ve been to The Snooty Fox a few times now, including an excellent Friday night where some wonderful tunes were being played by Friday night DJ PJ. It’s an interesting place with possibly the best pub decor in the area. There are excellent prints and posters of vintage luminaries and ephemera, big tables and, on my most recent visit, cheery flowers in glass bottles.

Is Anglo-Rockabilly a word? Can we coin this?

Anyway, it’s a great pub located right across the street from Canonbury station, which is convenient for those of us who commute in and out of that Overground station.

As I’ve said, I’ve been in The Snooty a few times already, but each time I’ve been in, I’ve forgotten to write down what beer I had and, well, what I used to do back when I was actually updating the 100 Pubs Project. However, on my most recent trip into The Snooty I finally *did* remember to take a photo of the beer and to note how much it cost, which is something I have tried to do in all the pubs on the project.

So folks, I present to you the beer:

It was a pint of Redemption Brewery‘s Big Chief, a fantastic cask English pale that packs a delicious punch at 5.5%. The pint was £3.70, which is the same price I’ve seen for this particular beer elsewhere. For a pub tied to a major brewery, the selection of cask ales from independent breweries I’ve seen at The Snooty Fox is quite respectable. I’ve enjoyed Magic Rock Brewery‘s Dark Arts there, as well as beers from Dark Star Brewing.

Since this place is walking distance from my house, I am fond of popping in before or after a trip along the Overground. Although it’s a better idea to go *after* one has travelled rather than before. If you have no idea where Canonbury is, the station is along the Overground Line, and walking distance from Newington Green and Highbury. Although The Snooty Fox is across the street from a station, it’s not on a busy street, so it retains a neighbourhood feel.

Good pub, that.

Anyway, here’s to the restart of the 100 Pubs Project!

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