Pub #34: Cittie of York, Holborn

So, as you can see, I’m finally catching up with some of the pub backlog I’ve got.  My visit to Cittie of York took place back in JULY, so this is a bit of an oldie.

Anyway, I went in on my own to the Cittie of York in Holborn, mostly because it looked quite interesting from the outside.  If the outside looked nice, the interior is even better.  I went to the back room and ordered a pint of Samuel Smith’s Wheat Beer, which was £3.10.  In retrospect, since I was having a slight bit of trouble finishing it towards the end, I should have ordered a half, but ah well.

It was during the day, so the pub was filled with mostly older men and a German couple who seemed to be just visiting London, from what I could tell.  They seemed to feel the pub was too cold, although since it was a hot day outside, I found the air condition nice and refreshing.  I had a seat in one of the little booths the pub has and was reading a book while drinking my very tall glass of beer.

The Cittie of York is a nice place, but off my normal beaten path for London, though not by much.  It’s the kind of pub to take someone who is coming in from out of the UK so they can marvel at the interior of the place, which is pretty impressive.  It has that “ye olde” quality to it that North Americans will likely find charming.  It’s a Sam Smith’s pub, so the drinks are all that of Samuel Smith’s, which is all right.

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