Pub #10: Coach and Horses

Right, with this entry, my backlog is complete.  I did expect to be far more along than just 10 by February, which is quite pitiful, really.  I attribute my heavy amount of coursework as impeding my drinking.  Tsk.

My visit to Coach and Horses in Soho was very brief, but pleasant.  I was meeting up with Aru, Derry and their friend from Ireland, Andrew, who’s also a resident of London.  After riding the 29 to get to Soho, I made my way onto Greek Street and down the path lined with people and cars to one of many pubs in the Soho area.

Coach and Horses is pretty cosy, and the business seemed rather brisk considering it was only Tuesday.  I’m sure many of the crowd had been there since getting off work in the area.  The clientele seemed a bit older from what I can remember.  I gave Derry some money to buy me a drink from the bar, leaving it up to him to choose which ale.  He came back with a pint of Hobgoblin ale at £3.40.  I remember seeing Hobgoblin ale in Orlando in some specialty shops, but I don’t recall if I’ve ever actually had it.  All things considered, Hobgoblin ale is perfectly good ale, but nothing I would necessarily get excited about.

The interior of Coach and Horses was well-lit, featuring various framed cartoons on the walls.  The one nearest us, above where Aru was sitting, showed a bartender answering a telephone on one end of the bar, receiving an order a man on a very early-90s cell phone was giving on the other end.  At the time the cartoon was made, I suppose it may have been relevant considering the novelty of people talking on very large cellular phones.  Come to think of it, how novel would it be if someone were to walk around in Soho or anywhere else with one of those gigantic phones now.

Wow, I’ve just predicted the latest early 90s trend: throwback cell phones.  Just you wait: you will see someone walking down Oxford Street on one of them phones looking like an extra from a TLC music video.  I’m thinking of one off of their first album.  Specifically, this one.

Anyway, after finishing my pint of ale, and my friends finished their half-pints they picked up while waiting for me to finish (I can be a slow drinker sometimes, plus I came when they were at the halfway points of their ales), we took off for food elsewhere in Soho.  The visit to Coach and Horses was quick, and my impression of it was that it was an all right pub with interesting decor.  I’d love to have another visit again to see what topics the other cartoons may cover.


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