100 Pubs Project

100 Pubs Project: The List of Pubs – See where I’ve been so far!

So, if you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I’m a fan of beer. If you haven’t clapped eyes on it before now, well, let me say: I love beer.

Also, I love the socialisation that often goes along with beer, and alcohol in general. I love talking with people and listening to what they have to say. Many of us have gotten to know people over a pint at a pub, a bottle at the bar or a plastic cup at a party. Sometimes it’s people whom you never see again, and others it’s people who wind up becoming some of the most important people in your life.

Being relatively new to London, a city paved with an interesting and rich history, which in turn is walked upon by some of the most diverse people on the planet, I would like to get to know as much about London, and its people, as possible.  And one of  the very best ways to do that seems to be by visiting its pubs.

So, after running across an article about a young Taiwanese woman who is kissing 100 people in Paris (thank you, Gary Tao, for sharing), and changing my project idea million times, I would like to see if I can go to 100 different places defined, however broadly or loosely, as pubs. For better or worse, this is a city famed for drinking, and I would like to participate in London’s cultural heritage, as well as meet those who are its thirsty residents.

Pubs are fascinating places, meant for socialisation and community. Everyone in London seems to have a local or a designated handful of preferred pubs. But the definition of a “pub” seems to be in flux now, so it’s hard for me to determine what should be considered a pub, and what shouldn’t be considered a pub.  I’d like to see how a pub is defined, and throw in some discussion as to what pubs can offer in the 21st century.

When I talk about this project with people, people seem to say, “Oh, a hundred pubs?  That shouldn’t be too hard!”  Well, it is if you have criterions to meet.  In order for a visit to be “official,” I am meant to purchase my own pint (or half-pint, if I am feeling a bit of a lightweight) in order to note how much I spent on it.  I also have to document the visit with photographs as well as with words.  And because I’m already starting to develop a few local places where I like to meet people for a drink, it can be tricky to coax people into going to a random pub that’s inconvenient and far-flung, or more expensive than the place they like to frequent (like the SOAS bar….).

But, despite the tendency for laziness, should I stick to my pub path, I think this might turn out to be a really neat snapshot of London, its pubs and places of drink and its people as well. It should be fun.  Have a look at the pubs I’ve been to so far, and I hope to share a drink with you soon.


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